Matt Haunton

Matt Haunton (Centre)

I’ve been a proud member of the NFM Windsor coaching staff and fight team from the beginning of its formation.

My background as a keen sports person naturally ended in studying Sports Science and Psychology for 3 years at the university of Surrey. I later went traveling for 12 months around the world enjoying the experience of different life styles and cultures and is something I still like to do when given the opportunity.

My journey into martial arts started at the age of 10 in Judo were I first started to learn the discipline and both physically and mentally gain strength that martial arts gives you.

I obtained my black belt in my early 20’s and also began studying Tradition Japanese Ju-Jitsu where I achieved a 1st Kyu brown belt.

I’ve always wanted to further my knowledge and push myself as far as I could so having started out in grappling based martial arts, I soon felt it was time start striking so I began training Muay Thai kick boxing.   This swiftly led me to MMA and I have not looked back. Training and learning under Dean and all the coaches at NFM Windsor, I feel very comfortable training in and learning in a competitive but friendly atmosphere with guys I know that will push me to the limit but I can also regards as very close friends.

I really enjoy coaching and training with people of all levels of skill and experience and have always lived by the philosophy that “everyone can learn from anyone” no matter their skill level, and am always open to new ideas and approaches to an ever evolving sport.