Dani Vlad

Dani Vlad

Dani Vlad was born in Transylvania, Romania. Dani has been involved with wrestling since he was 10 years old and trained under the communist regime. In 1989, right before the Romanian Revolution, under the local free-style wrestling club he placed 5th on the International junior’s competition, and later that year won his first Free Style Wrestling national title at one of the toughest wrestling tournaments in Romania. From that point on he joined the National/Olympic Team.

Dani is Chief Instructor for the Vlad Wrestling Association.   He is affiliated with the British Wrestling Association [BWA] and has also coached UFC fighters including Brad Pickett, Dan Hardy and Oli Thompson.

Professional Experience

  • Romanian Free-Style Wrestling National Champion
  • International Wrestling Coach
  • Level 2 UK Fitness Instructor
  • UK Ambassador for Knockout Bullying Campaign
  • Mobile Marketing Specialist

Areas of Expertise

  • 1-2-1 Wrestling 4 MMA/BJJ Training
  • Free Style, Collegian, MMA & Grappling Wrestling
  • Take Downs, Clinch, Throws & Ground Control
  • Free-Style Wrestling for Juniors